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a scandalous rogue

Bound by Scandal

Better a rich man’s doxy than a poor man’s wife...or so her father, a dissolute gambler, assures Olivia Hart on the evening he trades her virtue to a scandalous rogue as payment for his debts. Now Olivia’s only hope of salvaging her reputation and safeguarding her sister depends upon a too-handsome scoundrel whose every look, every touch, tempt her to toss aside honor and yield to her passions. She must not succumb...

Tempted by Love

A reclusive nobleman haunted by his past sins, Gabriel Townsend, Lord Beaudeville, wants no new gossip attached to his name as he escorts his sister through her season. When a seemingly random encounter throws a young lady of gentle birth in his path, Gabriel suspects a devious marriage trap. To divert this disaster, he must join forces with a woman he knows he should despise, even as she stirs his desire and awakens long-denied dreams...

As irresistible passion leads to love, a desperate enemy sets out to destroy them. Will they discover the truth behind the nefarious plot? Or will a new scandal prove the ruination of their fragile alliance?

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ISBN Print: 978-0-9885505-0-6
ISBN Ebook: 978-0-9885505-1-3

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a dangerous man
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forever yours
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